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Why TikTok Advertising

01. Why TikTok Advertising

Let’s face it, TikTok is not just for kids anymore. There are 825M potential people aged 18+ who use TikTok in the UK today (14.9% of the total population), and this number gets bigger and bigger. If we target other markets such as Greece, we’re talking about 3M+ TikTok users aged 18+ who can be reached with TikTok Ads. In comparison to Facebook and Google, CPMs (=Cost Per 1K impressions) on TikTok are much cheaper. Last, we don’t need extreme professional video content that takes hours to shoot, but being creative is enough.


Strategy created by our TikTok agency

02. Strategy created by our TikTok agency

What our TikTok advertising agency does is to guide you through the whole process. Based on our expertise, we create a custom TikTok Ads Playbook for you, which includes the target persona and options, proposed video content, the timeline and the budget to get the agreed results. 


TikTok Ads Or Organic posts?

03. TikTok Ads Or Organic posts?

We Say Both. One of the best practices is to run Spark TikTok Ads – that means we monitor the TikTok videos you post on your account and promote the best performing in terms of engagement. TikTok Spark Ads are usually get 40% higher engagement and 20% more conversions.


Dedicated To Small Businesses & SMBs

04. Dedicated To Small Businesses & SMBs

While big companies struggle to create TikTok-able content, small businesses thrive on TikTok. What we need is a person who can show the process of making your product, film the process of packing orders, show how your product/service fits in a daily routine, try out TikTok trends which will be suggested by us.

Converting users into customers

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Top industries to advertising on TikTok are: Fashion & Accessories, Beauty, Pets and local businesses. Get the most out of your paid media as we did with NBROS Jewels and VR Utopia.


Get answers to your questions about TikTok.

A TikTok ad agency is a digital marketing agency like OKisdigital, that specializes in creating and managing advertising campaigns on the TikTok social media platform. Your TikTok advertising agency is responsible for creating a strategy for you, guiding what content to produce, letting you know about new targeting possibilities on TikTok.

Please, read an in depth answer in our article about TikTok Advertising Costs.

The decision of whether to run Facebook Ads or TikTok Ads will depend on the specific marketing objectives we agree together, target audience, and budget. In most of the cases, we need to run ads on both platforms.

From setting up your TikTok Business Manager Account, to installing properly a TikTok Pixel and running campaigns, a TikTok advertising agency should be there for you. A dedicated TikTok expert also provides insights and recommendations to optimize your campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.

The cost of working with a TikTok ad agency can vary depending on the agency’s level of expertise and the scope of the project. Some agencies may charge a flat fee for their services, while others may charge a percentage of the ad spend. As about OKisdigital, we charge a flat monhtly fee for our services.

To get your TikTok ads approved, you need to make sure they comply with TikTok’s advertising policies and guidelines. These include rules around content, targeting, and user privacy. We can submit your ads for review through TikTok’s Ads Manager platform, and the approval process typically takes from a few minutes to 24-48 hours.

Yes, TikTok has an Ads Manager platform that allows businesses to create, manage, and track their advertising campaigns on the platform. The logic behind and the set up looks like a Facebook Ads Manager. Thus, the first time you log into TikTok Ads Manager, it will not scare you.

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