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Why work with our Google Ads Agency


Why working w/ a Google Ads Company

01. Why working w/ a Google Ads Company

Google Ads are essential for businesses of all sizes. A Google Ads company like ours helps businesses to reach their target audiences through various search terms, ad formats and targeting options. Ads.google.com is a powerful tool for driving website traffic, increasing sales, and building brand awareness.


Google Search Ads

02. Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are a must-have for businesses of all sizes. These text-based ads appear at the top or bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for specific keywords=search terms, making them highly targeted and effective at driving website traffic and conversions.


Google Shopping Ads w/ a Google Ads agency

03. Google Shopping Ads w/ a Google Ads agency

Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of search engine results pages when users search for specific products, and can include an image, price, and other details. The truth is that the set up of Google Shopping Ads is a bit complicated, thus you definitely need a Google Ads agency by your side.


Google Display Ads

04. Google Display Ads

Even if you don’t want spend money on awareness, you cannot leave Google Remarketing Display Ads out. These visual-based ads appear on websites and mobile apps that are part of Google’s advertising network, and can include images, videos, or interactive elements.

What to expect from my Google Adwords agency

How do Google Ad agencies work?

Working with a Google Ads agency is more effective than running ads by yourself. The agency uses its expertise to create high-performing campaigns based on years of experience. In most cases, we recommend a combination of Google Ads and paid social advertising to maximize results. However, depending on the specific business type, we may recommend focusing more heavily on Google Ads.

To achieve the best results from advertising on Google, you should expect the following from your Google Advertising agency: 

1. Setting up your Google Ads account correctly to ensure proper tracking. Then, connecting it to your Google Analytics account.
2. (For commerce businesses) Setting up Google Merchant Centre and connecting it to your Google Analytics account.
3. Ongoing optimizations of campaigns is crucial for success. This process includes testing different texts, ad creatives, targeting options, objectives, bidding strategy.
4. Tell you where your budget is spent, what keywords are more effective, which search terms should be added to a negative list.
5. Results take time, so expect the focus to be on driving traffic first and optimizing for conversions later.
6. Be cautious of any Google advertising agency that promises high returns on ad spend from day one, as this is not realistic.


Get answers to your questions about Google ads.

A Google Ads agency is a team of people that specializes in setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns on your behalf. These agencies typically have a team of PPC (Pay-per-click) experts who are trained in creating and optimizing Google Ads campaigns to help businesses achieve their advertising goals via Google Ads. The good thing about agencies is that they’ve overseen multiple accounts that gives them the experience and knowledge you need.

The cost of a Google Ads agency varies depending on experience, reputation, complexity of the product(s), and geographical location. Some charge a flat monthly fee, others charge a percentage of the total advertising spend, or work on a commission basis. In our case, we charge a flat monthly fee as we serve as a strategic partner, and in most cases, we are also responsible for paid social, advanced analytics, and 360 consulting. We have long-term relationships with our clients. Thus, a monthly flat fee suits both sides better.

Google Ads were rebranded from Google AdWords in 2018 to better reflect the platform’s capabilities beyond just search advertising. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the term “Google Ads” instead of “Google AdWords” when referring to Google’s advertising platform. Few marketers may still say Google AdWords management, but please bare with us, it happens because we’re too many years in the Performance Marketing industry.

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