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Why Facebook Advertising

01. Why Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising remains a high-converting channel even for small businesses who don’t have an enormous budget for spending. There are 45M users in the UK, with 44% of the UK population using Facebook on a daily basis. Even, in small markets such as Greece, there are 5-6M active users. Thus, you might losing out a potential of being in front of their eyes and a huge portion of your ROI.


Where your Facebook Advertising Budget goes

02. Where your Facebook Advertising Budget goes

Transparency is important when it comes to your Facebook advertising budget. Our Facebook ads agency reports on where your budget is allocated, what are the best-performing campaigns, and what is your return on advertising spend (ROAS). Our goal is to ensure that your advertising budget is effectively utilized.


Effective Facebook Campaign Management

03. Effective Facebook Campaign Management

Through continuous monitoring of Facebook Ads, adjustments to targeting, ad creatives, bidding strategies, and budget allocation, a Facebook ads agency shall maximize results and ROAS for your business. Regularly checking and analyzing campaign performance allows for quick identification of areas that require improvement.


Reach the users you really want

04. Reach the users you really want

It might be scary for users, but Facebook provides us with precise targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even past interactions with your brand. By using remarketing audiences, we can re-engage with users who have shown interest in your products or services, giving you a second chance to convert them into valuable customers.


Get answers to your questions about Facebook.

A Facebook advertising agency is a team of skilled marketers that have many years of experience in running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, performing A/B tests, and monitoring a huge volume of ads. For instance, at OKisdigital, we have been running Facebook ads since 2013.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons when comparing it to in-house hiring in the long run. A Facebook ad agency has served multiple clients and businesses, thus they have a proven track record of running successful paid social campaigns. We’re focused on getting the highest ROAS (return on advertising spend) for you. We know what works best, as well as the latest updates on algorithms and features.

It really depends. Some Facebook agencies charge per hour, while others charge a monthly fee. There is also a percentage-based fee of your monthly budget for campaigns. The truth is that the pricing can vary drastically, with Facebook agencies charging between £500 – £50,000/month or £50 – £1000/hour. At OKisdigital, we work with a monthly fee plan, and in some cases, we charge a % of what you spend on paid social campaigns.

You can invest as little as £1/day, but that is not recommended by us because you need a long time to see results (if any). For e-commerce businesses, we suggest starting with a budget of £1000/month at least.

There is no right answer here; it all depends on the goal that you’ve set. Reach and Traffic campaigns have a lower cost/day in comparison to conversion campaigns (sales, leads).

Not only do they work, but it is a “must” for e-commerce businesses to run ads on Facebook. Even if you don’t want to promote your products to cold audiences (people who are not aware of the existence of your business), you should at least run remarketing ads, which have been proven to be the most effective.

Yes, it is crucial for small businesses to run Facebook ads as soon as possible. The organic reach of posts is very low nowadays, thus you need to invest in order to get your message to more people.

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