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Why Instagram Ads are so beneficial to small & medium businesses?

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Is Instagram Advertising worth it?

01. Is Instagram Advertising worth it?

Instagram Advertising has become especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses looking to increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads or sales. With its billion monthly active users (28.75 million in the UK), Instagram offers a massive audience for businesses to reach. While Instagram Ads are crucial for reaching a wider audience, our Instagram Ads agency recommends that clients should also prioritize organic posts, particularly utilizing features like Reels – yes, we help with content creation too.


Do Instagram Ads Show on Facebook?

02. Do Instagram Ads Show on Facebook?

Although Instagram and Facebook are separate platforms, you can run ads on both simultaneously using the Facebook Ads Manager. In fact, Meta suggests utilizing both platforms together because the algorithm will run the campaign across different placements and focus on those which will bring the most cost-efficient results.


Boosting posts is not the same as advertising on Instagram

03. Boosting posts is not the same as advertising on Instagram

Boosting a post is simpler, but you cannot consider it as a serious advertising effort. Setting up an Instagram campaign through the Meta Ads Manager is better than “boost” because it offers advanced targeting options (like Lookalike Audiences), allowing businesses to reach their specific target audience with precision. It also provides greater customization options for ad formats, placements, and creative elements. This is why you need an Instagram Ads agency that has the knowledge to do so.


Why Hire an Instagram Ads Agency?

04. Why Hire an Instagram Ads Agency?

Hiring an Instagram Advertising Agency offers numerous benefits for businesses. We specialize in creating and optimizing ads specifically for the Instagram platform, ensuring campaigns are well-targeted, visually appealing, and optimized for maximum performance. Our Instagram Ads agency knows what ad content performs well, based on the huge volume of tests we’ve run through the years. For small and medium-sized businesses, working with us provides access to professional insights, analytics, and ongoing support, to maximize the effectiveness of their Instagram advertising.


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The cost of placing an ad on Instagram varies depending on factors such as your target audience, market, ad objectives, ad format, and competition. For example, when aiming for purchases (conversion campaign), your CPM might be higher by 150% compared to the CPM of a Reach campaign on Instagram. The cheapest campaigns are Traffic & Reach campaigns, where CPMs can start from €0.25, and CPCs (Cost per click) from €0.05. Additionally, the cost of an ad on Instagram depends heavily on the quality of your creative. Creatives that resemble user-generated content tend to be much cheaper. As for the minimum budget, you can start with as little as €1/£1 per day.

Yes, it is worth paying for Instagram ads. Instagram is still considered a fast-growing social media platform, not only for Millennials but for a diverse range of users. In fact, many small and medium businesses prioritize their presence on Instagram before repurposing content for other platforms like TikTok. If you sell sneakers or organize events, it is crucial to invest in Instagram ads to capitalize on the opportunity to reach people with the financial means to make purchases.

To create Instagram ads, you need to have a business account on Instagram or link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Then, you can create ads through Facebook Ads Manager or Instagram’s Promote feature. Setting up an Instagram campaign through Facebook Ads Manager is considered more effective and professional compared to using the “Boost Post” button, which, of course, is a simpler option.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. As a result, the two platforms are now interconnected, and when you launch a campaign through Facebook Ads Manager, it can run on both Facebook and Instagram, along with other placements such as mobile apps. Facebook’s algorithm then allocates your budget based on cost-efficiency. For example, if you achieve cheaper conversions on the Instagram feed placement, the algorithm will allocate more budget to that specific placement.

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