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For every €1 invested in Meta Ads earn up to €11 back in revenue!

Free Facebook Ads Audit… What to expect

We work in the digital marketing field since 2013, which allows us to achieve up to 11 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for our clients. Let’s have a call and examine how you can improve your current Facebook Ads. 

What to expect during our 30-minute video call:

✔️  100% Free Advice, no strings attached

✔️  Areas of review: Account Structure, Conversion Tracking, Creatives Quality, Audiences Audits

✔️  Ideas on how to increase your ROAS and main KPIs

High ROAS, High CTR, High Profit
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How we help SMEs with Facebook Ads

eCommerce Growth

Let us be the captain of your ads across all paid channels, including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads & more.

Analytics & Trackings

From Google Analytics to TripleWhale, we can identify your best performing channels. We, also, build realtime dashboards.

Video Content
We know what works the best when it comes to video content. We can shoot videos for your or do it through our network of micro-influencers.
Website Optimization
People visit your website, but don’t complete the purchase? Let’s find the reason why and improve your virtual store’s conversion rate.

Hire your fractional Digital Marketing team

Operating as a fractional Digital Marketing team, we achieve up to 11 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for our clients. Even with our average ROAS ranging between 4-5, we consistently deliver results and set realistic expectations.

✔️  The average stay of a client is 2.5 years with us.

✔️  We provide 360° consulting because we delve deeply into understanding your business.

✔️ We truly care about your business.

Testimonials from eCommerce Clients

"We have been working with Olga and her team since September 2020 and are happy to have her by our side when it comes to Digital Marketing for our eCommerce business. What excites us about Olga is not only her professional manner & knowledge in this business, but also her commitment. We have never had a business partner who independently puts so much heart behind everything. Olga is always available for questions & the collaboration is easy. We have grown together & will grow even more in the future, we believe that!"
"Olga has been an absolute professional to deal with and no task has been too difficult. I've been collaborating with OKisdigital since 2020 and the team has exceeded my expectations and pushed me to not settle down. I can not speak highly enough of the ability to help any ecommerce business looking for digital marketing services. I will definitely use Olga & her team again and can't wait to start our next project together."
"When it comes to growing a company you need people with a strong background and proven records. When it comes to Digital Marketing Services, VR Utopia chooses to work with Olga and her team. The most important thing for us is that our partners are interested in the growth of our business and this is exactly what we receive from our cooperation. There is good communication and coordination in the team and the results are evident. We highly recommend. Keep up the good work!"
vr utopia - virtual reality in athens
Lazaros Gnytka
VR Business Owner @VRUtopia, Greece
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A Free Facebook Ads Audit is a thorough assessment of your Facebook advertising efforts by experienced professionals. It examines targeting, ad creatives, copy, budgeting, and overall performance, providing actionable insights to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Teams like ours offer free Facebook Ads audits as a way to demonstrate our expertise and value to potential clients. By providing a complimentary audit, we can showcase our skills in analyzing and optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns. This is one of the ways to build trust with you, identify areas for improvement in your current strategies, and ultimately, establish ourselves as trusted partners for your digital marketing needs.

Well, the answer is simple:

  1.  Free Facebook Ads Audit provides valuable insights into your campaign performance. 
  2. You’ll get new ideas and next steps to implement.
  3. By understanding your ad effectiveness, you can refine your strategy to drive more conversions.

Plus, it’s totally free—you have nothing to lose.

Yes, you’ll easily understand your Free Facebook Ads Audit. It’s designed to be simple and straightforward, providing clear insights and actionable recommendations to business owners. Your job is to grow your business, our job is to help you understand how to do so by utilizing Facebook Ads.

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Olga & the team

Our fractional Digital Marketing Agency commits to going above and beyond for our clients – the extra mile. We take pride in delivering more than what is expected of us, and we truly care about the success of our clients. That’s why we only take on new clients when we have the capacity to give them the attention they deserve. 

What business owners say about Olga

Olga has been providing free eCommerce digital marketing consultations on GrowthMentor since December 2022. She became one of the most demanded growth mentors and is consistently among the top ones in the Leaderboard. Book a call with her!

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